Volunteer Position Description: Handyman/Short-term Projects

Agency/Organization: Aging in Place Cumberland

 Address: 290 Tuttle Road, Cumberland, ME 04021

 Organization’s mission: To ensure that senior residents of Cumberland can remain independent and living in their own homes as long as possible.

 Specific tasks volunteer(s) will perform: Assist people with light household maintenance duties, i.e.: replacing light bulbs, raking leaves, cleaning garage, painting, gardening, etc. No jobs requiring licensure (e.g., plumber, electrician).

 Qualifcations, experience, and skills needed by volunteers: Handyman and/or other skills pertinent to the job. Responsible. Able to communicate well with others. For larger jobs: team player with ability to follow directions and work well with others. Ability to pass a background check and provide references.

 Location where volunteer(s) will serve: Client’s home

 When will volunteer(s) serve: Number of visits and time/dates agreed upon by resident, AIP project coordinator and volunteer.

 Length of commitment expected of volunteer(s): one-time assignment

 Benefits or considerations offered volunteer(s). Satisfaction of helping someone who needs help, opportunity to use your skills, chance to meet interesting people

 Location, time, date of volunteer orientation: on site, day of project.

 Who will provide the orientation: AIP project coordinator

 How long will it take: Varies depending on task

 Person responsible for volunteer time sheet: Friendly Visitor Coordinator

Name of person supervising volunteer: Friendly Visitor coordinator. Friendly Visitor phone: 207-245-8033  email: AIP@cumberlandmaine.com

Other contacts: AIP Volunteer coordinator Maryellen Wilson, 207-245-8135, mewilson@maine.rr.com

AIP Coordinator Susan Gold, 207-829-2205, ext. 346, AIP@cumberlandmaine.com