This vendor list is for informational purposes only. All vendors have been recommended to the AIP Committee. It is up to you, the customer, to screen the vendor for your own purposes. We do not advocate one vendor over another and do not take responsibility for recommending any of them. To view suggested questions to ask vendors, please click here.

Please let us know if you have any problems with the vendors on this list by contacting Susan Gold, Town of Cumberland Aging in Place coordinator, 207-829-2205, ext. 346, or Local vendors may apply to appear on the list by contacting Rita Farry at


To apply for inclusion on the AIPCumberland vendors’ list, please email


We have confirmed that the vendors on this list agree to meet our five standards below:

  1. Return customer phone calls within 48 hours (excluding weekends);
  2. Provide references upon request;
  3. Provide customer an estimated price (including senior or other discount) in advance of performing work (on request, the estimate will be in writing);
  4. Provide the customer a realistic timeframe for performing the work;
  5. Provide AIP and the customer with information about his/her insurance coverage or lack of it.

Aging in Place Renovations and Planning

Appliance Repair:

  • LP Appliance Sales and Service, Ryan Lapierre, 207-797-3621


  • Ashford Carpentry & Construction, Todd Ashford, 207-756-3294
  • Rough & Finish Carpentry, Justin E. Plog, 207-321-8963,

Carpet Installation/Cleaning:

  • DuraClean, Tom Dube, 207-839-3712
  • LP Carpet, Craig Lapierre, 207-797-8811

Chimney Sweep/Firewood

  • Chimney Sweep of the Finest Kind, John and Joan Shaw, 207-797-6634
  • Wooden Nickels Firewood, 207-831-3222


  • Casco Bay Electric, 207-221-3331
  • Rusty Googins Hallowell Rd, No. Yarmouth, 207-829-9281
  • Northeast Electrical, Ethan, 207-615-4034

General Contractor/Accessory Dwellings:


  • Dick Emerson, 207-807-0956
  • Ken Hagger, 207-838-4821


  • Edminston Heating, 207-657-5031, Lisa Edminston
  • Tim Delaney Burner Installation and Services (oil and gas), 207-831-5974
  • Chez Skowron (heating and plumbing), 207-232-5760

Home Care Services:

Home Downsizing, Moving, Clean-Out:

Lawn Care:

  • LST Landscape, Rod Wimert, 207-878-1578


  • Secure Solutions, Tyler, 207-772-5032


  • Pennanen Masonry, Eric Pennanen, 207-831-9098

Pest and Varmint Control:

  • Pine Tree Pest Solutions, Torry Valente, 207-415-7318


  • Ron Brown, Greely Rd, Cumberland, 207-829-5020
  • Joe Discatio, Master Plumber, Westbrook, 207-749-0443,
  • Chez Skowron (heating and plumbing), 207-232-5760

Snow Plowing:

  • Ashford Home Care, Todd Ashford, 207-756-3294
  • Jason Copp, Goose Pond Rd, Cumberland, 207-318-3307
  • LST Landscape, Rod Wimert, 207-878-1578

Stair Lifts, Platform Lifts, and Modular Ramps