Rides Program Driver

Duties: Transport in volunteer’s car elderly residents from their home to various locations, including but not limited to grocery stores, medical appointments, and social events.

Qualities, experience, and skills needed by volunteers: Driver’s license, auto insurance, and clean driving record. Compassion and patience, familiarity with older people a plus. In some cases, ability to help seniors in and out of car and to destination; help with carrying groceries or other purchases. Ability to navigate unfamiliar roads (map and directions will be provided. Ability to pass background check.

Location where volunteer(s) will work: Driver will pick up resident at resident’s home, drive him/her to destination, and return back home.

When will volunteer(s) work? Volunteer can sign up for days/times convenient to him/her.

Length of commitment expected of volunteer: 1 year period.

Assignment is X ongoing or __ short-term

Benefits or considerations offered volunteer. Satisfaction of helping Cumberland’s older residents stay in their homes as long as possible through participation in the Aging in Place initiative.

Location, time, date of volunteer training/orientation: TBA

Who will provide the training? Rides Committee, Deputy Fire Chief Evariste Bernier

How long will it take? 2 hours

Who will be responsible for volunteer time sheets? Rides Committee

Name of person supervising volunteer: Rides Committee
Coordinator Suzie McCormack and Dale Hahn, cumberlandrides@gmail.com
Phone: 207-829-3367

For Drivers and Riders Procedures & Policies, please click here.

Please click here to volunteer or call Cumberland AIP Rides Program at 207-829-3367 or email cumberlandrides@gmail.com.

Sponsored and coordinated by the Congregational Church of Cumberland.