January 11, 2017 Minutes—Aging in Place Committee

Aging in Place Committee

January 11, 2017


The Aging in Place Committee was pleased to partner with Patricia Oh, a Livable, Age-Friendly Communities Consultant with AARP to review the mission and goals of our Aging in Place Committee.

Patricia facilitated a wonderful discussion of the mission of the AIP Committee, our programs and leadership model, and our desired areas of focus in the future.

A review of the mission of AIP resulted in a variety of language changes to our present mission and a lively discussion around the future focus of the committee being expanded to include all residents. Changes will be reviewed at the February meeting

Patricia also led the group through a discussion of what excites our volunteers about the AIP initiatives. Many in attendance cited the programs that were already in place such as CAR, Friendly Visitor, Mornings with Friends, the durable medical supplies initiative, community education, safety prevention programs, etc. as efforts that were meaningful to them. Seeing the impact these programs had in bringing services and socialization to individuals who needed them was identified by many in the group as being meaningful.   It was discussed how the AIP Committee has been communicating the services offered and some members expressed frustration that the services were not utilized by more members of our community. Patricia assured the group that the numbers participating in the programs were indeed indicative of successful programming.

The group continued on to discuss what leadership model would be appropriate to make sure that volunteers felt engaged but not overburdened. Tom Gruber asked to have the opportunity to take the lead on developing a leadership model similar to one that is currently being used by other town committees. He will bring this back to the group at the February meeting.

Additional programming such as a Senior Prom was discussed. The Forum on Aging was also discussed, although both of these items need further discussion at upcoming meetings.

Next Meeting Date: Wednesday, February 8, 2017 at 5pm.