Aging in Place Committee Minutes March 9, 2016

MARCH 9, 2016

  1. Introduce Oretta Baker + any guests
    There were no guests
  2. Updates from committees:
     Transportation: Transportation committee reported that they have 12-15 volunteers who attended training. There are 10 people who have been vetted and are ready as drivers for the rides program. March 1st was the official launch of the program. The rides will include Portland and the Scarborough area.  Rides are also available to church services. The program has been advertised by the churches and word of mouth at this time. We will be getting ready to advertise townwide.  The rides will be for Cumberland and North Yarmouth residents. The committee will be looking to see if they can get a handicap placard to use. It would be nice if there would be a client who would be willing to be interviewed for a story about the program. There may be an FAQ that will be on the AIP webpage.
  3. Health and Socialization:
    There are job descriptions on the web page. The committee is looking for an events co-coordinator.  The volunteer co-coordinator is Maryellen Wilson. The committee is ready to start soliciting volunteers for the friendly neighbors program. The volunteer manual is completed and all the volunteers will have a background check and training.
  4. Vendor Guide:
    There are currently 25 vendors in 14 different categories. It is up on the web site now.
  5. Communications:
    We will be talking with a volunteer who is interested in the duties of sending items to the different publications. The rides program would be a good place to start with this volunteer.
  6. Forum 2016 Planning:
    The newly formed forum steering committee will hold their first meeting March 10th at the town hall.
  7. AIP coordinator’s general update and Council report:
    The kiosk that will be in the town hall is almost ready to go up, it will show information on things that the AIP program is doing. On Monday March 14, 2016, coordinator Susan Gold will be updating the Town Council on AIP.
  8. USM student project:
    USM students are interested in doing a project on “fighting ageism.” This will be a pilot program and they will be holding interviews with residents.
  9. AIP evaluation:
    The AIP committee will need to have an evaluation in the coming year from volunteers and people who participate in the programs.

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Sally Semmes Pierce