Aging in Place Committee Meeting April 13, 2016

APRIL 13, 2016

  1.  Introduce guests – Joel Rogers who works in long term care.
  2. Approval of minutes A motion was made and secondly to approve the minutes of the March 9, 2015 minutes. Motion passed.
  3. Volunteer Handbook –  The volunteer handbook is now being proof read. It is hoped to be sent to the printer in a couple of days. It is the plan to have it ready for training on May 5  for the friendly visitors program.
  4. Updates
    1. Subcommittees goals and budgets  The municipal budget has been passed and approximately $50,000 has  been budgeted for Aging In Place. The tax relief program will start educational sessions and training in the  Summer.
    2. Transportation – rides program update The rides program is running well.  It was reported that they have provided 17 rides and have 10 volunteer drivers.
    3. Health and Socialization – Volunteer update, Friendly Visitor The committee has been working on the friendly visitors program and have 15 volunteers that will be going through training on May 5th.
    4. Labor Lions update This is a group of about 600 students in Yarmouth who will work at a variety of jobs, for pay. The student who started this program is looking  to start the same program in Cumberland. This might become a good  resource for our seniors.
    5. Meeting with North Yarmouth – It was suggested that we start including North Yarmouth and maybe they  could set up these programs for their town.
    6. Communications – The community calendar is still not up and running. It still needs a little work done on it. It should be discussed who should be listed on the calendar and who would do the posting.
    7.  Housing – Tom Gruber volunteered to come up with a guideline for getting into housing in Cumberland.
    8. MSAD #51 Budget Meeting – There will be a meeting on April 15, 2016 in the council chambers with Jeff Porter. The purpose of the meeting is to answer all the questions that the residents may have about the school budget.
  5. Forum 2016 Planning – The committee will be meeting and touring the middle school to lay out the best logistics for the forum.  The outline is done and things are moving well.
  6. Community partnership with USM social work students The USM students are doing interviews in town now and will be presenting something soon.
  7. Membership formalization –Sue Gold, Peter Bingham, Tom Gruber and Dale Denno will be discussing the formalization of membership on the Aging In Place Committee. To be a member, a person needs to be appointed by the Town Council. They will be working on staggering 1, 2 and 3 year terms. Members would need to be reappointed at the end of their terms.

Meeting adjourned – 7:00 pm