Aging in Place Committee Meeting May 11, 2016

MAY 11, 2016 – 5:00 pm

The meeting was called to order by Cochair MaryEllen Wilson at 5:15pm

  1. Introduce guests –
  2. Updates:
  3. Friendly Visitors volunteer training
    A training for the Friendly Visitors, handyman, and other AIP volunteers was  held on May 5. Fourteen volunteers participated.  Everest Bernier presented a talk on safety in the home. Now the work begins to find clients for the program. The churches should be a good place to advertise the program. Sue Gold has talked with the Meals on Wheels program. The Health and Socialization committee has developed a list of questions to use for matching clients with a volunteer. There are 5 volunteers who will interview clients. Mike Kemna suggested that the home care agencies might be a good place to advertise the program.
  4. Transportation: There are 12 volunteer drivers and about 35 rides provided. There is a need for a few more volunteer drivers.
  5. Community partnership with USM social work students
    The material has been collected by the students and now it’s just a matter of finding out how to use this material.
  6. Vendor list
    The list is now posted on the AIP web page.
  7. Community Calendar
    The library is looking at taking over the calendar and posting events.
  8. AIP membership: forms and protocol
    Peter Bingham described how the town council appoints members to the committee. If anyone has not filled out the form to get appointed they can download it or stop by the town hall and leave it for Brenda Moore. What Peter suggests that we need to do is stagger the terms of members.  They would be 1, 2 and 3 year’s terms. All the members will need to do is volunteer to continue for another term.
  9. Property Tax Relief
    Education will start with the AIP committee and have volunteers to assist residents. The training will start this summer.
  10. Collaboration with North Yarmouth
    Maribeth Stuart was a guest at the meeting. She reported that the Board of Selectmen in North Yarmouth has decided that services are needed for residents in North Yarmouth.  They would like to be a partner with the Cumberland AIP. Tom Gruber discussed that the funding for AIP comes from the Cumberland residents so North Yarmouth would have to contribute financially.  If it seems that North Yarmouth does what to move forward with a program, it may make sense to partner with Cumberland.                       

Meeting adjourned – 6:30 pm

Submitted by:  Sally Semmes Pierce