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AIP, White Pines Church Pitch in for Neighbors

Aging in Place volunteers, members of the White Pines Church, and Cumberland public works employees joined forces on Saturday, May 12, for a tremendous community outreach effort that helped almost a dozen residents with outdoor spring cleanup and a long list of chores.

Twenty-four volunteers, including two young girls and two teen boys, raked and bagged leaves, hauled discarded appliances and other heavy items to the curb for the town’s bulky pickup, changed storm windows, cleaned up brush piles, set up patio furniture, installed AC units, and performed a multitude of chores for Cumberland residents who needed a hand.

Teri Maloney-Kelly, who organized the Big Project Day for Aging in Place Cumberland, said the event exemplified the spirit of community and collaboration that lie at the heart of AIP. “Together with the folks from White Pines Church, we were able to accomplish an amazing amount of work for our neighbors. Many are older and couldn’t have done the chores themselves.”

Altogether the volunteers put in 63 hours of work. AIP’s Handy Helpers Committee, which Teri chairs, will continue taking requests from older residents for help with minor chores.  Residents 60 and older can apply for service online at or by calling the AIP line at 207-245-8033 or by completing an application at Town Hall. Handy Helpers plans on holding a second Big Project Day in the fall.

“Everyone was terrific!” Teri said of the volunteers, noting that both residents and volunteers enjoyed the day. “It’s a great feeling to know that you helped someone,” she said.

A job well done! A big thank you to all the Big Project volunteers.
AIP volunteers: Joyce Baughan, Judy Loren, John Law, Peter Bingham Sr., Tom Gruber, Teri Maloney-Kelly.

Volunteers from White Pines Church: Charlie Clement, Diane Clement, Karen Hutchinson, Ralph Hutchinson, Scott Cass, Sarah Cass, Brad Knowles, Elsa Knowles, Chris Howell, Nathan Howell, Aaron Howell, Emily Bickford, Ava Bickford.

To sign up for future service, please enroll HERE, call the AIP line at 207-245-8033, or email

To volunteer to work in the future, please sign up HERE, call the AIP line at 207-245-8033 or email THANK YOU!